Tarmac Farmyard Access Road Construction

Access Road Required to Transmitter Station

It was decided that the land behind the farm was ideal for a radio transmitter station. A solid access road for heavy vehicles was an important requirement, with construction through the farmyard and onto the track in the field.

At this farmhouse in Wiswell, Lancashire, the access road through the farmyard to the land at the back was in a poor state of repair. The construction of new surface was required to avoid damage to the transmitter company’s vehicles.

Groundwork and Surfacing

The groundwork involved moving a large amount of material with heavy equipment before creating the tarmac farmyard:

  • Dug off the old surface, close to 150 tons.
  • The excavated material was then used to fill holes on the way to the transmitter site in the back field.
  • Ducting was put in under the new tarmac from the road to the back of the farm for future cabling. This would avoid digging up the new tarmac surface.
  • The job used around 60 tons of limestone crusher run as a base, then finished off with two layers of tarmac: 80mm base layer and 60mm top layer, around 50 tons in total. The base and tarmac was heavily compacted.

The surface and base layers are designed to support heavy vehicles.

This project is more than just adding a bit of tarmac, it included careful groundwork analysis of what and how the base layers need to be to support the heavy vehicles.

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The pictures below show digging out the old surface, then application of the tarmac. Please accept our apologies for the fuzzy photos.

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