Nursing Home Building Site Groundworks

Groundwork Requirement

As a groundwork contractor, we were asked to provide road access and a compound to a new building site. The building site was to construct a nursing home.

An often overlooked aspect of a building project is preparing the building site to enable the build to progress. There needs to be good, solid road access to allow heavy machinery in, and places to store materials and equipment. This is a task for the groundwork contractor, such as GS Construction UK Ltd.

Nursing Home Site Groundworks

In this commercial project we prepared the floor area for the whole build project, established a firm compound for materials and stock, and made an on-site access road from the compound to the building site itself.

As you can see in the pictures below, the site has heavy machinery and a large storage area.


Nursing Home Groundworks

Nursing Home Building Site Compound

Nursing Home Groundworks

Nursing Home Groundworks


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