House Renovation and Conversions


A house renovation will bring the property up to date adopting current standards, at the same tim make safe a property that has fallen into disrepair. It is generally necessary to involve local authorities. These are often large and complex projects.

The inside of a property will be stripped in total or part, then rebuilt either to a totally different design, or to reflect the original property. The status of the property may dictate what can and cannot be done.

The outside of the property may require maintenance for example new windows, resetting stone and brickwork, fixing or re-roofing.

The picture is a cottage renovation in progress. The internal structure has been removed, walls repaired and stabilised and floor beams being added.

Total gutting and renovation of a cottage


Similar to renovations in that the work is about changing an existing property. Conversions are more common with newer properties to change the way the property is used.

Converting two rooms into a through room can be a way to make a house feel larger.

Removing walls between a dining room and kitchen creates a larger and more cosial kitchen.


Garage Conversions

Garage conversions change a garage to an internal extra room, ideal for an elderly relative or a “snug”.

The picture is the start of a garage conversion, including removing the wall between garage and the house to create a larger room. This is a structural conversion.


Garage Conversion into usable room

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