Extended Tarmac Driveway

Larger Tarmac Driveway

Originally a 2 car driveway, the customer wanted space for more cars and to remove the old garden. The new tarmac driveway is in front of two houses, creating a seamless area of tarmac.

Construction of the Extended Driveway

To build this extended tarmac driveway we excavated out unused front garden areas on both sides, then re-shaped the driveways to make ample parking space for four vehicles. The re-shaping of the garden included constructing the edging for the tarmac driveway area.

A strong base layer on top of the excavated ground provides the support, then the new tarmac was installed in multiple layers. This process created a hard wearing surface, free of joints.

New Tarmac Driveway

Seamless areas of tarmac for the new driveway

Front Garden changed to Extended Driveway

Garden edging for the extended driveway

Extended Tarmac Driveway


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