Garage Foundations and Concrete Floor

Concrete Floor Requirement

The large concrete base will provide space for a workshop, ramps and a service bay for restoration purposes as well as car parking spaces. 

For this project, our part is the groundworks, the garage foundations and concrete base, the floor to the workshop. We built the foundations and concrete floor for a new 6 car garage situated in the reduced and excavated garden area.


We excavated and levelled the ground, then infilled with hardcore then constructed the edges for the base. The area was lined with a membrane, and a steel re-inforcing mesh laid in place. Concrete was poured, then levelled to a smooth surface.

Garage Foundations and Concrete Floor:

Garage Foundations and Concrete Floor

Garage Foundations and Concrete Floor

Garage Foundations steel re-inforcement

Concrete slab being laid

Complete concrete floor for garage

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