Tarmac Driveway

Simple Driveway

This project is one of the more common ones we do, replacement of a tarmac driveway to the front and side of a residential house.

In this project the old tarmac driveway was removed, we stripped down the old driveway, reset the edgings, worked out the levels then a new tarmac layer added. The final level of the driveway was within limits for the building and drains.

The tarmac path in front of the house as replaced at the same time, with a seamless run form drive to path.

The end result is a neat new driveway, with a solid foundation.

Tarmac Driveway Issues

With this type of project, if not done correctly problems can occur. 

This tarmac driveway job is not about overlaying an old driveway with tarmac, that is a cheap approach which results in the overlaid tarmac degrading quickly with the tarmac being too high. Beware of contractors offering a new drive in a couple of hours, it will be a thin layer of poor tarmac laid over the existing driveway.

If the tarmac is laid over existing tarmac and the drive level raised ventilation bricks can get covered, grates become covered or obstructed, the tarmac is above the level of the damp proof course. Cracks in the existing tarmac can allow water to lodge, and cause the tarmac to crumble during wet and freezing conditions, resulting in holes and hollows to appear.

At GS Construction we believe in doing tarmac driveway jobs correctly, that is making sure all aspects are dealt with. 


Tarmac Driveway

Relaid  Driveway, levelled and new tarmac

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