Insulated Room Replaces Conservatory

Cold Conservatory

Conservatories can be cold, so this customer wanted a warm, light and airy room for use all year round.

The plan was to remove the conservatory, then build a house extension with good insulation whilst retaining a large glass area.

House Extension Construction

As the new room will be the same floor size as the conservatory, the existing foundations and concrete base could be used. These were checked to ensure suitability: depth and foundation structure.

Substantial brick pillars were built to support the roof, and allow wall space for the insulation. A fully insulated lightweight tiled roof was added, with Kingspan insulation.

On one side two side windows were installed, on the other side a bar window at the top. To the back, a 4 section bi-fold door system was installed, leading out to the patio area as before. All windows and doors double glazed.

Inside, the original door to the conservatory and window on the main house wall were removed to make an open plan area with the rest of the house. Existing structural beams were checked for strength and condition.

The pictures below show the original conservatory, then the new build insulated extension with construction phases.

Insulated house extension replaces cold conservatory

Old, cold conservatory before removal

New brick extension part built

New extension windows done, roof trusses in place



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