Large 2 Storey Extension

Customer Requirement

To build a substantial annex to the main house, providing additional bedroom and living space. A Large 2 story extension with garden room orangery would be constructed to the side of this semi detached property in Barrowford, Lancashire. A large glass area is a requirement.

2 Storey Extension Construction

The extension is a separate building to the side of the house, linked to the main house with a garden room orangery.

The garden room orangery can be seen in the first picture below with the glass roof, this is the rear of the extension. An orangery traditionally has a glass roof with large windows areas, distinct from a conservatory, designed to be warm.

The main extension includes a utility room, garage, upstairs lounge with outside balcony and two bedrooms with en-suite.

The back of the extension has huge windows with an overhanging balcony. 


Large 2 storey extension

Large 2 story extension

Large 2 story extensionLarge 2 story extension concrete base

Large 2 story extension

Large 2 story extension

Large 2 story extension and orangery garden room


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