Building Foundations

Concrete Footings and Trenches

Building foundations and concrete footings for commercial and residential building projects is a core area of our expertise. We have considerable experience with small and larger projects, on all types of ground.

Preparation of the ground is crucial before building the foundations, and for most of our projects these go hand in hand.

Gary Scully Construction is often the first contractor on a building site, and much of our initial work is seen only by the building inspectors. When the building is complete, much of our work is hidden.

  • Levelling the ground
  • Setting out dimensions and levelling
  • Digging out for the concrete footings
  • Building the concrete foundation, including the base steelwork
  • Building the walls up to the Damp Proof Course (DPC) level

Floor Slab

The floor slab is the infill between the foundations, this is the ground floor for most buildings, or a cellar area. A floor slab may be suspended on the brickwork built onto the footings if the ground is not as solid.

  • Infill in preparation for floor slabs
  • Adding any required insulation
  • Incorporating any required steel
  • Laying a floor slab

Building the floor slab and footings can be a messy job. We take care of existing land and garden areas to minimise disruption.

We prepare foundations for our own residential projects, or as a subcontractor for larger commercial projects.

Building foundations Trench dug out for footings
Trench with concrete footings

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