Sewer and Drainage Systems

Residential Drains

Groundwork and the installation of drainage systems for commercial and residential building projects are our areas of expertise.

Drainage systems provide the sewer outlet for a property, also the top water drains of clean water from roof troughs and ground run-offs.

Drains are installed within the plan of the building as we build the foundations, and also external to the building to connect to local sewer and top water services:

  • We have our own equipment for groundwork and drainage.
  • We install drainage systems for our own  projects, or as a subcontractor for larger commercial projects.
  • Digging the trenches
  • Installing the pipework and inspection chambers
  • Connect to the local services
  • Back filling the trenches
  • Fitting “stacks”.

Drainage stacks are the vertical pipes that take drainage from a facility in a property down the stack to the main drain connection. Stacks can be outside of the building, or concealed within a building.


Regulations relating to drains are complex and precise which we follow. The aim is to safely drain away sewerage and not allow backup of sewerage or gas. Drains shared between houses leading to the main sewer are subject to specific regulation.

Local building inspectors will normally be involved with drain installation then with the inspection. Regulations cover not only the actual drains, also the working environment and safety requirements for workers.

Sewer pipe with inspection chamber - drainage systems
Top water drain in trench ready for back filling

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