Extended Driveway Burnley

Additional Parking Required

With more vehicles, additional parking space is required to allow full access to the garage. This project involved removing part of the front garden, retaining walls then adding the tarmac,

The second part of this job was done at a later date, to rebuild the front steps.

We have worked for this customer before.

Driveway Construction

The front part of the garden was removed, this was a significant amount of earth. It was dug out to depth to allow for hardcore to be compacted as a base for the tarmac. Care was taken to avoid services running to the house.

Footings were dug and concrete poured for the retaining walls. Brick was sought to closely match the original house brick.

The main retaining wall was built with block with a brick face, backfilled with aggregate and concrete to ensure the garden was held back.

The side wall was double brick. Concrete flag coping was added to the top. The drive was surfaced with tarmac then rolled.

A few months later, we replaced the steps from the drive to the front door.

The finished picture was taken some time after the job was complete.

Extended driveway GS Construction Uk Ltd

Driveway extension - start

Excavating garden

Ground levelled and footings for wall poured

Footings for rear retaining wall

Walls built, hardcore ready for extended driveway tarmac



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