New Brick Garage Harle Syke

Old Tired Garage

The concrete panel garage had been in place for many years, the floor, walls, roof and door were all past their best. The old garage was subsiding and leaking in. A new brick built garage was required with a water-tight roof built to last.

Brick Garage Construction

The pictures below show the new garage, the old garage and the construction phases:

The old garage being removed, the old concrete base broken up.

The ground was levelled and compacted. Steel re-inforcing bars were laid to add strength to the garage floor. The concrete was poured to create the garage floor.

The brick garage walls were constructed, and an apex roof added with guttering to a top water drain. Space for the main door and a secondary door were included.

A new garage door was installed.

Brick Garage

Old tired garage to be demolished

Ground clear for new garage

Ground levelled, steel in place

Concrete base part poured

Complete concrete base

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