New Garage and Concrete Base

Replacement Garage

The customer wanted a new garage to replace the existing garage at a house in Burnley, Lancashire. The concrete in the old garage and base was cracked, the walls were in a poor condition as was the roof. The rear wall leaked water into the garage, and it was no longer suitable to put the car in.

The old garage and base were demolished, then the ground levelled  ready for the new construction.

New Concrete Base and Garage Construction

A new concrete base and block garage were constructed, slightly larger than the original to allow for car and work space.

To the rear of the garage, the retaining wall was constructed against the garden and formed the back part of the new garage. The garage was built with blocks and then rendered in keeping with the house walls.

The garage roof was constructed with an angle and direction to allow solar panels to be setup up for optimal power generation, and to allow for appropriate fixing of the solar panels.


New garage and concrete base

New garage and concrete base

New garage and concrete base

New garage and concrete base

Garage concrete base laid

New garage and concrete base

Garage block walls in place

Completed garage, the slope of the roof is clearly visible


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