Back Garden Saxon Paving and Retaining Walls

Project Background

The customer wanted to replace the back garden with a more useful but elegant space, with a modern look that fit well with the levels of the garden.

Saxon Paving and Retaining Walls Construction

The light coloured saxon paving patio area was constructed with garden retaining walls.

In this back garden we dug out tons of rubble to level it off, so that the saxon paving patio area would be at the level of the conservatory doors.

Retaining walls were then built with access by steps onto the garden at a higher level. The retaining walls were built with light stone blocks, capped with light slabs to match the house bricks.

The patio area is built with Saxon paving.

Please call Gary at GS Construction Ltd, the builder Burnley for further details 07913 336249.


Back Garden Saxon Paving and Walls

Back Garden landscaping, dug out to level off for patio area,

Back Garden Paving and stone Retaining Walls

Back Garden Paving and Walls

Back Garden grouting the saxon paving

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