Koi Carp Pond Construction in Lancashire

Koi carp in a new pond built by GS Construction UK Ltd

Relocation with Koi Carp

A family with a koi carp collection was relocating to the East Lancashire area from the south of England. They had googled and found our website and seen the koi carp pond project we had previously done.

Following some discussion, it was arranged that we look after the fish collection on a temporary basis. We built temporary pools in a barn with a full filtration system in place.

The family found a property in the North East Lancashire area, with a garden suitable for Koi Carp pond construction. The garden had to be firm ground, with space for piping to the filtration system.

Building a Koi Carp Pond

A Koi Carp pond needs to be deep and large, with the floor and walls sufficiently strong to hold the water.

The pictures below show the progress of the build:

  • The location was decided, then a large hole excavated and a bottom drain was fitted, then the solid concrete base poured
  • The blockwork above ground was built in a way to provide maximum strength, and walls were constructed of stone to match the property. The depth of the structure was around 8 feet from the bottom of the pond to the top of the walls.
  • The pond was lined with pond liner, a strong, water impervious material.
  • Thin black marble coping stones were screwed down to the top of the walls, fixing the pond liner. The screws were hidden.
  • A portable building was used as pumphouse, linked to the piping to and from the pond. We installed the pipework, pumping system and electrics, including pipes in and out of the pond.

The finished result is a very functional and good looking Koi Carp pond, with the fish happily swimming around!


Garden for Koi Carp Pond

Digging the hole for the pond

Concrete base poured

Pond structure built

Strong walls and matching stone

Pond finished with marble coping stones


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