Raised Patio Area in Garden

Broken Garden Steps and Patio

The project was to sort out a raised garden patio area. The steps were badly broken with bits of stone missing. The area looked tired and in need of a makeover, retaining much of the existing design elements.

Indian Paving Patio Construction

This garden patio area was levelled and the supporting wall rebuilt. Indian Paving was then laid down to create the raised barbecue and seating area. New stone steps were constructed for access to the raised garden patio, again using Indian paving.

The result is a happy customer, with a great looking garden area retaining the character of the original garden. With this project, its worthwhile pointing out that upgrading your garden can be based on the original design, especially if the original design and layout works for you, a start from scratch is not always necessary.


Steps to Indian Paving area

Garden Patio before flagging, with old steps

Indian Paving area

Indian Paving area

Steps to Indian Paving area

Raised Indian Paving Garden Patio Area by GS Construction UK Ltd, building contractor and custom builder, Burnley, Lancashire.

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