New Front Porch with Cloakroom and Drainage

Extension Requirement

This customer wanted a substantial porch with cloakroom to include a downstairs toilet and sink to the front of the semi-detached property in Padiham, Lancashire.

Front Porch Construction

The main drains were down the side of the property to the main sewer. Drainage from the front porch cloakroom toilet and sink had to be diverted to the side of the property, so a drain was laid down the driveway.

We constructed the foundation, the double cavity walls built up and an apex roof added. Decorative stone corners to the building were added.

The internal structure was finished with internal doors, the toilet and sink fitted in the new cloakroom.

This extension is a very valuable addition to the type of property found in our local North East Lancashire area: the semi-detached and detached properties with no downstairs toilet. It provides cover when entering the property, and that all important downstairs toilet. 


New front porch and drainage

Original garden and house front

Foundation for the front porch

Drain down the side of the house

Front porch with cloakroom


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